Interesting Travel Blogs

(updated August 23, 2012)

Brendan’s Adventures – He decided to let the streets be his classrooms, everyday people become his teachers and the world his jungle gym. 

Camels & Chocolate Journalist and Travel Addict Kristin Luna

Independent Traveler – an interactive traveler’s exchange and comprehensive online travel guide for a community of travelers who enjoy the fun of planning their own trips and the adventure of independent travel.

Intrepid Travel – For travelers with a yearning to get off the beaten track, Intrepid opens up a whole new world. With a huge variety of travel styles available, Intrepid travelers explore the world’s most amazing places – discovering real people, real cultures and having incredible real life experiences along the way.

Nomadic Samuel – Jack of all trades and a man who wears many hats – the kind of individual that doesn´t like to stay in any one place for any serious length of time.

Sarah Somewhere  – And in February 2012, she sold everything she owned to set off towards the life of her dreams, figuring it all out as we go along, and loving every minute of it – except the public toilets in China.Where In The Hell is Matt – Matt and his friend, Brad Welch, were taking pictures on the streets of Hanoi when Brad said “Hey, why don’t you stand over there and do your stupid dance. I’ll record it.” Matt did it, and he thought it looked pretty funny, so he kept on doing it everywhere he went. He put the video of his dancing adventures on his blog and YouTube and his travel dancing videos are instantly viral on YouTube.

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